Thursday, June 9, 2011

Someone Please Explain The Allure Of First Person Shooter Games.

Since we're riffing on video games today, how about we start a new thread?

Personally I don't get the allure of "first person shooters". I've tried to play Call Of Duty a few times with my nephew (in the same room, not over the internet, which I suspect is the real allure of shooters). I really didn't understand how to use the controller and got bored with the repetitiveness (and getting killed) pretty quickly. Since shooters are all the rage, I don't really get why so many people like them. What am I missing?

Maybe I don't like them because I can't suspend reality enough. I like sports, thus I like sports games, and spend probably 95% of my gaming time (which is, admittedly limited) on NBA 2K. It's a game that's always a challenge. I could literally play it for an entire calendar game if I ever got that sorta free time (which I never will).

Shooters though... sorry, I just don't get it. Someone explain the point.

Question: What am I missing?

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