Monday, June 6, 2011

ArmChair Obama™: We Need Some D*mn Jobs, Barry!!!

Conventional wisdom says that given the lackluster roster of GOP contenders, the only way Obama loses his re-election bid is if the economy hits the skids again. Obama's passed healthcare legislation, killed Osama, and generally rescued the economy from the brink of economic disaster. Need I remind folks that we were losing 700k jobs a month, unemployment was already around 8%, and the Dow was in the 7,000s when he took office.

After months of solid private sector growth, the numbers for May dropped Friday, and they weren't pretty.
The nation's job market took a turn for the worse last month as employers abruptly curbed their hiring and the unemployment rate edged up to 9.1%, the Labor Department said Friday.

The disappointing report provided the latest and strongest evidence of a sputtering economic recovery. In recent days, various data have pointed to a slowdown in manufacturing and consumer spending, as well as persistent weakness in the depressed housing market.

Employers in May added just 54,000 to their payrolls, less than half of what's needed just to keep pace with the expanding working-age population. The puny job growth came after three straight months of solid payroll increases that averaged 220,000 a month.

And the jobless rate, after steadily declining during the winter, rose for the second month in a row. Unemployment was 9% in April and 9.6% in May of last year.
There's no need to spin this to make it sound better. These numbers are awful for America. Eff' Obama and his re-election campaign. These numbers are bad for all of us.

That said, since there is no President Herman Cain yet, it's on Obama to fix this. The question is how.

Play Armchair Obama™ and tell me what you'd do.

Question: What did you think the President can do to spur more job growth?!? Is this merely a one month aberration or a sign of things to come? What would you do to remedy the situation?

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