Thursday, June 9, 2011 Open Mic

I addition to being very busy, I'm also reaching the point of boredom with talking politics here. With all the bad news surrounding the economy, the 2012 GOP contenders barking at each other, and Weiner-Gate, I think we're all due for a change of tone around here. I'm not announcing a full blown political fast, but I am asking that those of you still commenting on posts from last week/early this week just let it ride for now. Here's some other, non-political stuff to chew on in the meantime.
Lebron - What was up with that disappearing act the other night? I think he'll be back with a vengeance tonight in Game 5, but I still see the Mavs heading back to South Beach with a 3-2 lead. As for the series, who knows who'll win? But one thing's for certain, this has been the best NBA playoffs from round 1 to the Finals ever. The next time you hear someone say they "don't watch the NBA anymore because they don't play as hard since Magic, Bird, and Jordan...", kindly interrupt them with an open-handed slap to the jaw. The NBA been back.

HeatWave! - I was at the Baltimore Zoo with my 2-yr old's class for a field trip yesterday. Between the heat, humidity, and the fonky assed animals, I felt like I was back in the motherland.

NFL Lockout - Ray Lewis got in some trouble last week for suggesting that if the NFL is on strike this Fall, crime might go up. Ignorant as this might have sounded, I kinda agree. If both the NFL and NBA are still not playing games come December, someone is gonna get hurt.

Kardashian Pre-nup - Okay, so I'm clearly reaching for stories now, but I ran across this tidbit on Yahoo. Apparently Kim Kardashian is forcing her NBA journeyman fiancee to sign a prenup. Is this merely a sign of the times, or is this guy just as much of a herb as he looks?

Terrelle Pryor - I love it how all the folks who thought he was so brilliant just a few months ago are now calling this guy a selfish, narcissistic ingrate for deciding to leave OSU early. As if these same folks would give a sh*t if he'd blown out his knee as a freshman. Pay these damn kids, now!

Question: What non-political things are on your mind today?

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