Thursday, June 23, 2011 Hot Topics - 6.23.11

Anyways, here's the daily rundown.

Troop Drawdowns - Obama gave a speech. I didn't watch it. Did you? What happened?

NBA Draft Is Tonight - I gotta be honest, I'm an NBA junkie and I don't know 90% of the guys in tonight's annual Black Thanksgiving Day. I hope my Wizards can somehow swing a deal to get Derrick Williams, but something tells me 5 years from now, this will be considered one of the worst drafts of all time.

Iced Out Newt Gingrich - This dude should really just quit while he still has some dignity left. Not only have his two biggest campaign fundraisers quit, but Gingrich is now dogged by a report that says he and his wife had a one million dollar (!) line of credit at Tiffany's. How dude can pretend to be a layman when he's busy spending that sorta cake on jewelry is beyond me. Actually, the fact that he still hasn't just abandoned his campaign is more befuddling.

Newt's $500K Tiffany Bill! - Lemme say, in the pantheon of petty political stories, this one is right up there with Obama wearing those American flag lapel pins. Newt is rich. Rich men have wives who like nice stuff. Wives love credit cards. This isn't exactly rocket science. What I do find funny is how Newt's being systematically ethered by the Conservative media (not the left) and has no real recourse for fighting back. Stick at fork in this guy, but let's not make such a big deal over something so trivial as jewelry.

Tracy Morgan's Apology Tour - I think Morgan's comments about killing his son if he turned out to be gay were pretty tasteless, but come on, it's freakin' Tracy Morgan. When you pay to see him do standup, what do you expect, Seinfeldian observations on life as a Dad and husband? No, you expect a real like Tracy Jordan to show up and say some ignorant sh*t, which he did. Watching the man make the rounds and apologize for a joke just seems our of bounds, and even a little sad. On the bright side, I'm sure the writers of 30 Rock will find a say to weave this real life drama into a funny storyline next Fall.

Jon Huntsman - Does this guy have a chance? I'm not so sure.

Casey Anthony - Could someone please explain why this case is drawing so much interest by the national media? I don't get it. It's obviously tragic that a child died, but what's so notable about Anthony? She wasn't missing. She isn't blond. She isn't even good looking. Why so much attention and time on one random chick who allegedly killed her own child?

Cars 2 Hits Theaters Tomorrow - Who's going? Better yet, who's got a decent bootleg?!?

Question: What do you think about these issues?

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