Thursday, May 5, 2011

Michelle Obama Does The Dougie.

What more can you say about this woman? If Barack is cool, then she's dry ice cold. It was about 85 degrees here in DC when this happened, yet she doesn't break a sweat, nor have strand of a misplaced hair. Amazing.

She's like that cool auntie everyone wishes they had.

I'm sure any moment now, some Conservative is gonna get wind of this video and accuse the First Lady of "dancing sexually" in front of preteens. Or this'll be branded as some sort of indoctrination via music ploy to make these kids lifetime servants of the Democratic party (okay, that one already happened). Or they'll attach her to Beyonce, because of Jay-Z's Illuminati connection[1]. You know it's coming. You just know.

Question: Is Michelle-O the most dazzling First Lady of all time, or is it just me?

[1] Talk about silly sh*t. Jesus, black folks, some of ya'll are worse than the Birthers when it comes to this.

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