Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fox News Has No Common Sense.

Yes, the "Fair And Balanced" news network dedicated its entire primetime lineup to their faux Common controversy last night. A lifetime supply of Cyber CapriSuns™ goes to the first person who can watch all of these clips in full without their head exploding because of the overabundance of idiocy.

I'm not going to mention that woman's name. Just press play. Then throw your laptop out the window.


Bucknell Professor James Peterson is my main man, but he makes the mistake of trying to engage in a Fox News debate with actual facts and nuance. And he gets murked. Badly.

Props to my fellow (former?) Loop21'er Kelli Goff for not reaching over the table and smacking the sh*t out of this Stepford Wives Greta Van Facelift stand-in.

I love how only black people are bought on to try and discuss this. But nah, we don't see race, do we? Oddly, Master P appeared on Fox News last night to weigh in with his opinion on the story. I don't have the video to prove it, but trust me, it was not a Top 10 Moment In Negro History. It was pretty embarrassing, actually.

I don't know how anyone can look at Common, a guy in Gap ads, who makes movies with Steve Carell, and has already been to the White House maybe a dozen times already as a cop killer. Then again, this is post-racial America, where guilt by Negro association is a legitimate political tactic. So what do I know?!?

It's hard for me to understand why Conservatives co-sign on this sort of BS. I went on one of my patented Epic Twitter Rants™ about this last night. The GOP says it wants to sincerely engage black people and have them consider the party when they hit the voting booth. They assert that the GOP's policies are compatible with the black community, from both a social and economic standpoint. Yet time after time, we see ordinary black people paraded out as sinister agents of the White House. From Ludacris, to Skip Gates, to Shirley Sherrod, to Jill Scott. Each person became the embodiment of some Obama scheme to undermine everything the Founding Fathers planned. Is this really the best recruitment tool? Do they think Negroes just forget about this stuff come election season?

This isn't really not about Common, a rapper I don't even like much anymore. Nope, it's much bigger when you stop and think about. If a "positive" rapper who went to college, is the son of a jazz musician and a teacher, has won Grammys, and is now a legitimate Hollywood B-lister is seen as "threatening", then is there any hope for the rest of us? Seriously?

Yep, welcome to post-racial, post-common sense America.

Question: Do Republicans realize how stupid this sh*t sounds to the average Black person? Do they even care or does the "gain" of white voters outweigh the loss of potential black voters?!? Are these frequent "guilt by association" tactics a coordinated effort to appeal to the "base" of the GOP by making Obama seem dishonest and un-American by proxy?

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