Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Awful Moments In Negro History #12,821 - Cam'ron's Fox News Appearance.

With the Common vs Fox News story officially dead, I thought it'd be a good time to revisit another notable Fox News vs cRapper incident. Man, this clip never, ever, ever gets old. Ever.

Lemme count all the things wrong with this clip...

0:15 - When O'Reilly says "pimping and b*tches", what's up with Cam's neck swirl?!?

0:20 - Come on Dame, you grew up going to elite private schools. Do better.

0:30 - Get out your feelings, doggie.

1:14 - "Conversate", for the 83,293rd time, is not a real word. Jesus, and this guy is a principal? #educationfail

2:12 - Ah, that "throwback jersey" phase. Seems like eons ago.

2:57 - Knee-grow pleez.

3:30 - Double knee-grow pleez.

4:02 - Valid point, actually.

5:12 - More valid points, but a Negro in a suit is never gonna trump a rapper. Never.

6:01 - "You mad, you maaaaaaddd!" "I got dirt on you doggie." #epic

6:35 - "Bill. Billlllll." #moreepic

6:43 - That's the facial expression of a man who is probably thinking "I shoulda stayed my a$$ at IBM and collected those good checks. Eff' the kids!" I feel pretty bad for the principal. He thought he'd be engaging in an elightening convo about the effect of hip hop on impressionable youth. He didn't think he'd be walking into a Youtube Classic with three magpies on the other end of the satellite feed.

7:10 - "Homeboy.... You need to have parent-teacher conferences with your students!"

7:30 - Salome Thomas-El looks like he wants to open a can of whoop-azz. Badly. But he needs the medical/dental benefits. I know your pain, bruh. I know your pain.

7:45 - Valid point. Ignorantly stated, but valid nonetheless.

8:12 - "You mad!" Look at the expression on that brotha's face.

10:45 - What a jackass. Seriously.

11:25 - Triple knee-grow pleez.

Question: How many years did this clip set back hip-hop and black people in general?!?

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