Wednesday, May 25, 2011 Hot Topics - 5.25.11

Blogger's been having some more maintenance issues, so you might see some delays on new posts in the interim. Anyways, here's the daily rundown.

Tornados - While the world got off easy on last weekend's nutbag rapture threat, it seems like we're still dealing with natural disasters left and right. The city of Joplin, MO was basically leveled, and suburban OKC was also hit. Today the storms are headed to St. Louis. Lord, help these folks. Cause you know who won't be helping them? The GOP. Congressman Eric Cantor did let this disaster go to waste, threatening to withhold any relief funds from the victims unless there were accompanying cuts to the Federal budget. No, really. Compassionate Conservatism, huh?

Up Yours, Paul Ryan! - The GOP took a serious L in last night's special election in New York's 26th Congressional district. Given how overwhelmingly Conservative this district is, it seems like the Democratic candidate's insistence on making the election a referendum on the GOP's hamhanded Medicare reform legislation did the trick. I'm not sure how this plays out nationally next year, but if the Democrats have enough balls to make it a central point in their campaign messages, it could equal another swing in momentum in the House. If this all sounds despicable to you, remember the GOP essentially pulled the same sh*t last year by vilifying ObamaCare with BS terms like "death panels". Turnabout is fair play, and politricks ain't about fairness. So there. I will, however, give Ryan credit for recognizing that there is a problem and being courageous enough to confront the solvency of entitlements. Unfortunately, his plan is simply too far out there and will probably hurt his party in the end.

John Edwards Headed To The Clink?!? - If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know I went on another patented Epic Twitter rant last night when I ended up on a flight from RDU to BWI seated behind John Edwards. I also wondered why dude was headed to DC, and why in the hell he was flying an $89 FunSaver when he's still a multimillionaire. Well, it turns out he's finna get indicted by the Feds for using a campaign donation to bride his personal assistant so dude wouldn't go public with details about his affair and subsequent love chile. Man, that's some serious drama, but you wouldn't have known it by looking at Johnny $400 Haircut last night. He was the nicest politrician I've ever personally met, and while he should definitely pay the piper for what he did, I wish(ed) him the best. It's a shame a man who had it all threw it all away for some jumpoff.

Newt's $500K Tiffany Bill! - Lemme say, in the pantheon of petty political stories, this one is right up there with Obama wearing those American flag lapel pins. Newt is rich. Rich men have wives who like nice stuff. Wives love credit cards. This isn't exactly rocket science. What I do find funny is how Newt's being systematically ethered by the Conservative media (not the left) and has no real recourse for fighting back. Stick at fork in this guy, but let's not make such a big deal over something so trivial as jewelry.

NBA Finals - Go ahead and book that Dallas vs Miami rematch. Man, this is gonna be one for the ages. As much as it pains me to say this, Miami is jelling at just the right time, and Wade/Bron look unstoppable. So while I clearly want Dirk and Co. to win, I just think the Boys From Southbeach are lookin' unfadeable right now.

Lakers Hire Mike Brown As Head Coach - Uhhhmmm, I don't know how to feel about this one. Mike Brown did a good job coaching Lebron and Co. while in Cleveland, but sometimes was woefully outcoached and failed to make proper in-series adjustments. He does have experience with handling superstar egos and coaching sound defense, but something about having the second coming of James Evans on the Staples Center sideline just looks wrong. And man, if you're Brian Shaw, how pissed are you right about now and putting in all those years beside Phil Jackson, only to have the team go outside to find his replacement? I'm thinkin' plenty pissed.

Question: What do you think about these issues?

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