Friday, April 8, 2011

Federal Funds Are Not Used On Abortions. Period.

Since abortion, specifically Planned Parenthood, seems to be the reason why the government will be shutting down in a few hours, I figured I'd use this occasion to address an outright lie often aped by Conservatives. Federal dollars are not spent on abortions! Period.
With a total budget of some $1.1 billion, more than a third of which comes from the federal, state and local governments, Planned Parenthood offers family planning, H.I.V. counseling, treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, cancer screening and other services as well as abortions, mainly to low-income women. Congress has long barred the use of federal money for abortion, but it provides more than $75 million a year to Planned Parenthood affiliates to support family planning for low-income women. Millions more in federal dollars are provided for sex education and, indirectly, through Medicaid and other programs.
Any abortion services provided by Planned Parenthood are funded by private donations or paid for by the mother, not your tax dollars. I repeat, it is against the law for Planned Parenthood to use your tax dollars on abortions. If you'd like to learn more about this fallacy, nonpartisan has an easy to digest article explaining this in full.

You'd think the very people responsible for, well, making laws would know what the law says. Then again, these are Republicans we're talking about.

Question: Why does the mainstream media allow such nonsense as this, and the birther issue that could easily be debunked to be repeated without being challenged?

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