Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ashy Or Classy?!? - Tim Pawlenty's Fear Mongering Campaign Ad.

Okay, I get it Tim Pawlenty. You wanna be President. I also admire your self-awareness. You're clearly not Mr. Personality. You have negative swagger. You look like a poor man's Chris Collinsworth. You're routinely polling in the single digits, despite having unofficially started your 2012 campaign, ohh, about 5 minutes after President Obama was inaugurated.

So, I understand the need to jazz things up a bit, but this sh*t right here, this is just a wee bit over the top, no?

Lighting bolts over the White House? Ominous music? 1984 style Big Brother clips of Obama? Extreme closeups? Misleading job loss numbers? Crying white women?

[Editor's Note: I love how they spliced in the quick clip of the two sistas at the 0:28 mark. Can't be all anti-Obama without showing a couple of (alleged) black supporters.]

Who edited this sh*t? It looks like and end-of-world disaster movie. I suppose you were going for the whole 2012 approach, but come on man, really? Isn't the whole Armageddon angle a bit played out? Perhaps scaring people isn't voting for you isn't the best idea anymore.

It's hard to believe that once, long ago, I thought Pawlenty posed the biggest threat to Obama in 2012. He was a Republican Governor who did a moderately good job of running a large Midwestern state. He was semi-reasonable. He had few skeletons in the closet. He seemed formidable. Then he started paling around with the Tea Party, spending too much time on Fox News, and generally morphed into a real douchebag.

I guess I get the need to distinguish yourself from your competitors, but Pawlenty's gone about it all wrong, and likely has no political future to speak of as a result. So, I suppose I get this latest fit of desperation. But ultimately, much like his Presidential aspirations, it all equals a massive #fail in the end.

Nice try, T-Paw. Now how about presenting some actual solutions instead of trying to mortify folks?

Question: What do you think of this campaign ad? Is Pawlenty simply tapping into the angst that "Real Americans" feel, or is he going a bit over the top with all this cinematic fear mongering? Who has a better chance of winning the GOP nomination: T-Paw or Snooki?!?

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