Monday, April 4, 2011

Ashy Or Classy?!? - That Corny Black Dude From Community Becomes A cRapper.

I think 30 Rock is the best show on TV. Yeah, Tracy Morgan's (health-related) disappearing act is taking some of the luster off lately, but still it's the consummate "must-DVR TV" for me. Buoyed by this show's success, NBC has tried to roll out similar "no laugh track/single camera" sitcoms like Outsourced, Perfect Couples and Parks And Recreation with less than similar results. Another knockoff show, Community is just as lousy as 30 Rock is great, but there's one guy on the show who's moderately funny. I don't even know his name, so I just refer to him as "That Corny Black Dude From Community". You've probably seen him. If you haven't, well, just watch this clip and pretend you have, Spoil Sport.

Anyways, since this is Hollyweird, where anyone with half a recognizable name gets a shot at other non-acting stuff, "That Corny Black Dude From Community" (real name: Donald Glover, cRap name: Childish Gambino) moonlights as a rapper. Someone passed this along to me last week, and the results, well, lets say they're interesting.

No need to lie, corny as this dude comes across as an actor, his "Lil Wayne From The Burbs" act actually comes across as pretty convincing. He's got a couple of mixtapes floating around, and even to a hip hop snob like me, they're not half bad.

I'm not saying Childish Gambino (work on that name, please!) has a career in rap music, but it's not beyond the realm of believability. I mean, seriously, did anyone think a half-Jewish kid from Canada who once played a paraplegic on a children's show would be the biggest thing in cRap someday?

I'm just sayin', it could happen.

As is, Donald Glover might be onto something, so I'll call this one Classy. What say ye'?

Question: Ashy Or Classy?!? Does this guy have a shot at being the next Drake, or is the divide between his on-screen and on-record persona too stark to be believable?

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