Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ashy Or Classy?!? - Snoop Dogg's Colt 45 Kool-Aid.

Look, I'd be the last one to knock another brother's hustle, provided that brother's not named Tyler Perry or affiliated with the GOP (or both). I like Snoop Dogg, and I also used to have a curious affinity (albeit back in the 1990's) for malt liquor. Still, I simply can't condone certain levels of coonery, and Snoop Dogg's latest business venture would be such an example.

Well, at least there isn't a "Red" color. "Grape" is bad enough as is. I'm not gonna bother doing another Four Loko-style investigative report on Blast. I'm convinced it smells and tastes like diseased rhinoceros pizzle[1], and I don't need to partake in it firsthand to confirm that assumption.

Let's keep it one hunned here: Snoop is clearly just a glorified spokesman. He didn't invent this, and is just a pitchman to put a familiar face on a product that's plagued black communities for ages, sorta like menthol cigarettes, pigs feet, and "the insurance man".[2]

I'm sure someone's gonna chime in and remind me that Snoop's done lots of positive stuff with kiddie football leagues, appears to be a good dad on his reality show, and that that new song with Wiz Khalifa is sorta hot (which it is). But come on, shouldn't this guy be beyond this sorta nonsense by now?

Question: Ashy Or Classy?!? Should Snoop Dogg be peddling Colt 45 Kool Aid to impressionable teens, or is the game to be sold, not to be told?!?

[1] Name that pop culture reference, and win Cyber CapriSuns™.

[2] Anyone else know what I'm talkin' about? Maybe this is just a southern thang.

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