Friday, April 8, 2011

Ashy Or Classy?!? - Lebron's Cartoon.

Any regular reader of this blog knows I don't care too much for Lebron James off the court. Yeah, the dude's an amazing basketball player, but last Summer's stiffarm of Cleveland showed that the guy's got a long way to go in the area of class. Since then, his handlers have generally tried to rehab his public image with all sorts of charitable endeavors and self deprecating commercials.

And in that vain arrives The Lebrons, a (web only?) cartoon that borrows liberally from the concept of those Nike ads he had a few years back. Presumably a Fat Albert type show to teach kids good manners and how to stay out the traaap, The Lebrons first episode made it to Youtube air recently.

No need to lie, this isn't half bad. It's a bit advanced for my kids' age group, but I like the overall message. I'm sure our resident cartoonist and cartoon critics will chime in. Personally, while the product placement (Beats By Dre, HP, Nike, Sprite, Bing) a waaay too heavy, the animation is good, and the voice work is solid. It's not half bad.

I give The Lebrons a Classy. What say ye'?

Question: Ashy Or Classy?!? Is Lebron's cartoon going to help further rehab his image, or is this merely an exercise in extreme self-aggrandizement?

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