Thursday, March 31, 2011

What Would You Do?!? - When Public Transit HoodRats Attack.

Everytime I'm in NYC, I either have a friend or customer suggest that I take the subway wherever I'm going. Personally, while I know it's the cheapest way to get aroung, I'd rather not take my chances. Next gypsy cab, please.

And here's why...

Exhibit A - The woman is completely correct in her assertion that only animals (in this case, hoodrats) bust open a container of carryout and start eating on the train. Unfortunately, this is yet another example of a thought that's better kept to oneself. I'm thinkin' she'd play this one differently if given the chance.

I'm glad that the brother with the cornrows intervened, or this 2-on-1 brawl mighta gotten ugly. The lesson here: let hoodrats eat in peace, and alert the policeman when you get off at the next stop. It's just not worth it. I mean, seriously, what sorta person eats on a funky ass subway car anyway?

Exhibit B - I don't know what this poor guy did to deserve this tongue lashing, but he exercises a remarkable amount of constraint here. Seriously, I mighta caught a case, just on GP. Thankfully, nothing bad happens, and the cops actually go step in.

The lesson here: don't get into a verbal brawl with chicks like this. There's no "winner".

Question: What Would You Do?!? How do you typically handle such ratchet situations? Is it best to just live and let live, or are there times when someone has to step up and say something?

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