Monday, March 28, 2011

A$$y Or Classy?!? - Serena Williams' Video Game Commerical. [Video Link Fixed]

I'm a very casual tennis fan, which is a classier way of saying "I only watch when a Williams sister is playing." It's been a minute since either sister was on her A-Game, since both have been injured repeatedly in recent months. Serena (laughably) tried her hand at acting. I'm not sure what Venus is doing, but I do recall her having an ill-fated discount clothing line made by the same folks who created those godawful Stephon Marbury shoes.

What all this has to do with the video I'm about to show is beyond even me. If you've got a better segue, have at it.
Publisher 2K Sports has attempted to halt the distribution of a Top Spin 4 ad that was never actually aired to the public. The spot features US tennis legend Serena Williams. What sets it part, however, is its rather risque approach to marketing the game. Dubbing Serena "the world's sexiest tennis player", we see the athlete in revealing clothing complete with a provocative soundtrack, plenty of grunting and ample shots of her behind.

The video was posted online by the other actress seen in the video who, seemingly, was a little miffed with 2K's decision to scrap the project. Speaking to Joystiq, 2K stated: "As part of the process for creating marketing campaigns to support our titles, we pursue a variety of creative avenues.

This video is not part of the title's final marketing campaign and its distribution was unauthorised." Many will be wondering why 2K didn't press ahead with the ad as part of its final advertising campaign.
Okay, here's the "ad". Don't worry, it's safe for work. Hit the Play button, already.

Let's call this what it clearly is: a Grand Hu$tle. I'm guessing that tennis video games aren't exactly flying off the shelves nowadays[1] and making a "controversial" viral video to spark debate on blogs like the very one you're reading is far more cost effective than running ads on prime time TV. There should be no shame in 2K Sports' game. As long as they keep releasing trill sh*t like NBA 2K11, they can make PS3 pRon for all I care. Cause that, my friends, is one heckuva video game.

I'll spare any further commentary of my own for obvious reasons. Ya'll tell me what you think below.

Question: A$$y Or Classy?!? Should Serena be beyond this sorta tomfoolery by now, or is the girl just having fun? Is this "commercial" total and complete objectification of the female form for the sake of free pub (and web hits for me) or does anything go in today's "sex sells" climate?

[1] I actually do have the PlayStation Move. Don't play it much, but it's pretty cool.

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