Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ashy Or Classy?!? - Would You Eat At "Fat Ho Burgers"?!?

I know, in this age of advanced Negro enlightenment (aka: There's a black man in the White House), we are supposed to be collectively beyond this sort of Negro Nonsense. Then again, there was (is?) a place in Virginia that sells a Ghetto Burger. So maybe these places should just merge and create the awesome Fat Ghetto Ho Burger.

Here's an interview with the owner. Maybe it provides a bit more context. Maybe not.

All things considered, I would prolly try one of these if I was ever in Waco (which I won't ever be, but still). Name aside, the food's prolly good. What say ye'?!?

Question: Is the name "Fat Ho Burger" offensive, or simply shrewd marketing? Would people have the same opinion if the restaurant's owner was a black man? How about a white man? Is this sista getting a relatively free pass because she's a black woman?

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