Monday, March 7, 2011

Ashy Or Classy?!? - Kim Kardashian's Debut Single.

Making the transition from actor/actress to musician is a dicey proposition for most entertainers. Whereas acting is an ensemble affair in which lots of flaws can be covered by your supporting cast, singing is much more of a solo endeavor. Sure, there's always production and autotune, but reality is, if you can't sing (or rap for that matter), you're prolly gonna be exposed rather quickly if you don't have any talent. Thrown into this pool, some folks (Jamie Foxx, for example) swim, while others (ie: J-Lo, Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Love Hewitt) drown rather quickly. Some (ie: Idris Elba) have no business being in the vicinity of the pool in the first place.

I'm already aware that this makes for a lousy segue into Kim Kardashian's debut single Jam (Turn it Up) because 1) Kardashian isn't an actress, unless you count following the loose scripts of reality shows as "acting" and also because 2) Kardashian really has no identifiable talent whatsoever. Her notoriety is mostly as result of getting smanged by Brandy's little brother, her myriad surgically enhanced body parts[1], and all star lineup of assorted ballers and actors who've also smanged that. I'm a diehard NBA fan, yet even I couldn't tell you know her current boyfriend Kris Humphries plays for, let alone who he is. Shawty gets around.

That said, she is famous, whether it's for legitimate reasons or not. And part of the vanity of fame includes getting unearned opportunities that the rest of us could only dream about. Ergo, this debut single, which presumably will be merely the beginning of a long and prosperous career as a recording artist. Either that, or she owes The Dream for this track, Dallas Austin-style. I can't call it, and ain't really sure I care to.

Anyways, here's the goods, you be the judge.

Question: Jam It! or Slam It!?! Does Kim K have a future in the record bid'ness, or does she need to stick to her Day Job, whatever the heck that is?

[1] Jesus, would this chick lay off the facial reconstruction already? She's not old enough to be butchered her grill like that.

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