Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Armchair Coach™: The Miami Heat.

Even the casual sports fan is well aware of the SuperTeam that formed when Lebron James took his talents to South Beach last summer. Many people (me included) derided this move, and deemed it not only bad for the league, but bad for Lebron and Co. The "if you can't beat em', join' em" manner in which James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh came together was a bad omen for a league that's already star driven. Namely, if smaller market teams are gonna lose their stars to the highest bidder, what does that say for the longterm viability of The Association?

Predictably, Miami got off to a rocky start in November, then gelled in December, capped off with a Christmas Day ethering of the Lakers in LA. All sorts of prognosticators jumped up to proclaim the "Heatles" as favorites to win the NBA title this Spring. Then, a funny thing happened: they stopped winning. The Heat are 13-12 in the last 25 games, and have absolutely been OWNED by every elite team in the league. Sure, they're still in the Top 3 in a "weaker than expected" Eastern Conference, but feasting on losing teams is hardly the recipe for a championship.

Now, after losing 5 straight and routinely blowing leads, Miami is at a crossroads. Their poorly constructed roster can't be tweaked, since the Heat let the trade deadline pass without making any real moves. They're chronically weak up front, porous on defense, and downright turrible in the clutch, as Wade and Lebron can't figure out who should have the ball when the game's on the line. Bosh infamously cried during a press conference after a tough loss last week. The writing's on the wall. This team's headed to a 2nd round defeat, unless some drastic measures are taken.

The question is, what can they do the right the ship? Or is this just plain' ole' karma biting these guys in the butt for the disrespectful manner in which they formed their team? Play Armchair Coach™, and tell me.

Question: Play Armchair Coach™ and "fix" the Miami Heat. What (if anything) can be done to salvage this nightmare of a season?!?

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