Monday, March 21, 2011 Hot Topics - 3.21.11

Here's the daily rundown.

Libya - Well damn. Just when I thought Obama has played this one the right way, Qaddaffi starts poppin' sh*t and the French of all people decide to open a can of whoop arse. Of course, we had to get in on the sweet action, and now it seems like we're well on our way to a 3rd war in a Muslim country. Sorry, I just don't see the "upside" of this one. What's there to gain? Iraq proved that gas prices won't get cheaper. I have a hard time worrying about the "liberation" of people overseas when you got schools 15 mins from my house that are 3rd world quality. So what's really up here? Also, I can't help but notice how all the GOP hopefuls that were blaming Obama for inaction last week are suddenly blaming him for getting us in another war. Yep, election season.

Obama In "The City Of God" - Folks, defend the man all you want, but the optics here are terrible. Gas prices are through the roof. We got an unofficial 3rd war underway. We still don't have a budget passed. Taking a 5 day Latin American tour with all this stuff going on just seems a wee bit tone deaf. And while I'd be the last person to pile on and call this a "vacation", I can't help but notice that this trip (which was planned months ago and greatly anticipated by the host countries) justsohappens to coincide with Spring Break at the ObamaKids™ school. I mean, seriously man, just cut it out already. While all the black folks in Brazil[1] are surely happy to see you, maybe postponing this trip (as you've done previously when things were tough here) might have been a better idea.

NCAA Mania - Yes, I wanted Duke to lose too. But they lived another weekend, as did my Tarheels. And how about Richmond, VA, home of not one, but two Sweet 16 participants. VCU and UofR didn't shock me (I picked both to advance), but they do show what makes March Madness the most unpredictable of sporting contests. I still got Carolina winning it all though.

Question: What do you think about these issues?

[1] Did you kno Brazil has the world's largest black population behind Nigeria? I didn't.

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