Friday, March 18, 2011 Hot Topics - 3.18.11

Okay, let's do a quick rewind. Since ya'll asked, here's my take on a few current events, as well as a few that I missed while I was... "on hiatus". If you're clueless about any of these topics, please consult The Google. I just don't have the time to drop links.

Libya - Here's the funny thing about Obama's "hands (waaay) off" management style. Sometimes it works. By simply laying in the cut, making moves behind the scenes (rather than some bombastic news conference), and letting the UN issue the proper response (no fly zone), and Libya to declare a cease fire, Obama proves why his measured style of leadership is often effective. Yes, I know. When sh*t's going haywire, people want passion and curse words, and LOUD TALK. But that stuff doesn't work nearly as well as simple deliberation, considering all aspects of a situation, and moving with caution. Most of these GOP numbnuts complaining about Obama's inaction would have us 2 weeks into a botched "mission" in the Middle East right now. Thankfully, those numbnuts aren't going to be President anytime soon.

Grant "Uncle Tom" Hill vs Jalen Rose - I'm from North Carolina, so I have an inborn hatred of all things Duke, and hope they crash and burn in the NCAA tourney. That said, I kinda side with Grant Hill here. While I thought his NY Times op-ed slamming Jalen Rose for calling him an Uncle Tom was a wee bit Tresvanty, Hill is right in defending the way his parents raised him. On the other hand, Rose sorta had a point too. It is very well known that Duke only recruits a "certain kind" of black player. They like kids from stable, middle classed households. I don't necessarily think anything's wrong with that, nor Rose's recollection of how he perceived Duke players as an 18 year old high school recruit. Some folks are trying to overintellectualize this and make it more than what it is. Enough already.

NPR Defunding - As ya'll know, I did a stint as a pundit on NPR a few years ago. I always enjoyed my appearances there, and even on the decidedly liberal show I was a guest on, there were always principled and articulate black conservatives on for point/counterpoint purposes. I'm not saying the station, and public media as a whole, doesn't lean left. Of course it does. But the GOP's hamhanded attempt to pull funding just speaks of the worst sort of politricks by ideology. NY Congressman Anthony Weiner's epic smackdown pretty much says everything I woulda said if I was in the House yesterday.

Bravo, Congressman. Bravo.

Japan - Pray for these people. Honestly, that's all you can do. And in the meantime, if you're on the West Coast, please don't go running out to buy iodine because some talk show host has scared you into thinking the radiation is coming to South Central LA. It isn't.

NCAA Tourney - A couple of upsets and buzzer beaters on the opening day mean this year's tourney is already better. Of course I have my Tarheels winning it again. And that faux controversy about President Obama wasting time on ESPN, well, welcome to election season, folks.

Question: What do you think about these issues?

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