Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Real Housewives Of Civil Rights.

Okay, I'm calling plagiarism on this one. Anyone who follows me on Twitter remembers my rant on what it would have been like if MediaTakeOut and WorldStarHipHop were around during the civil rights era. This Youtube clip from the Elite Delta Force 3 comedy troupe takes my concept and mixes it with a sendup of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Regrettably, hilarity does not ensue.

The problem here, is, well, the sh*t just ain't that funny. And whoever cast Wayne Brady as MLK needs to be forced to watch Eyes On The Prize for 4 days straight. That's just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Sorry, this was just weak. Great concept, unfunny execution.

Question: What did you think about The Real Housewives Of Civil Rights? Should this sort of exploitation of black history be considered off limits, or is the real offense the fact that it just wasn't funny enough?

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