Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Racist Or Harmless?!? - Fat Michelle.

Much of the criticism of first lady Michelle Obama on cable news and talk radio is typically levied at her supposed "nanny state" approach to children's nutrition and alleged Marie Antoinette sensibility. But if you're willing (or able) to stomach reading comments on blogs like The Fox Nation, you'll see that many people really, really, really hate Michelle-O. She's routinely assailed for supposedly being fat, looking like an ape, and being a racist, socialist, America-hating scumbag. If you had any doubts about just how post-racial our country really is, I'd suggest you have a gander at bullsh*t like this. Hopefully you had a light breakfast.

That said, I'm not so sure if I wanna brand Conservative douchebag Andrew Breitbart's latest assault on the first lady as pure unadulterated racism. I'm just postracial like that.
First lady Michelle Obama is often praised for her taut arms and athletic physique. So why is a cartoon depicting her with fat cheeks, a double-chin and chowing down a platter full of hamburgers?

The cartoon appears on Biggovernment.com. The man behind the site is blogger and conservative firebrand Andrew Breitbart.

In the cartoon, the first lady is shown saying: "I've stepped up my efforts to control America?s eating habits by telling restaurants to lower portion sizes and fat content." The drawing shows a plump Mrs. Obama working her way through a plate full of hamburgers and fries.

In contrast, President Obama thinly drawn at her side- is shown eating what appears to be light vegetables from a near-empty plate.

"Michelle, I want to get re-elected. What you're doing is only going to annoy a lot of people," the cartoon depicts the president as saying.

"Shut up and pass the bacon!" the first lady shoots back in the drawing.
Here's the full toon. Check it out and make the call.
Aww, who the heck am I kidding? That sh*t is racist!

Question: What do you think? Is this merely a harmless cartoon making a political statement or some ole racist BS?

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