Friday, February 18, 2011

Defund Obama's Teleprompter!!!

As if you needed more proof that the wingnuts have taken over the asylum formerly known as Congress...
The House formally began debate, which is expected to last three days, Tuesday afternoon following some wrangling over the hundreds of amendments lawmakers want to attach to the package. More than 400 amendments were filed Monday night. Among them were a proposal from Rep. Steve Womack, R-Ark., to eliminate funding for the president's Teleprompter and one from Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R-Texas, to strip funding for the alteration, repair or improvement of the executive residence of the White House and instead divert that amount to deficit reduction.

Womack told Fox News Tuesday afternoon that he pulled his amendment because he wasn't able to get an estimate on how much it would save.

"I think we made our point," Womack said. "We're asking people to do more with less. And I think the president ought to lead by example. He is already a very gifted speaker. And I think that's one platform he could do without."
So, you got one moron who wants to eliminate funding for the teleprompter, as if that's gonna save much money. Call me nuts, but I always assumed that electrical devices don't need much other than electricity to work. But hey, I don't work for Pepco, so what do I know? This could actually be the thing that saves our country from financial ruin, and our children's children's children from being China's b*tch. Sorry Kenyan Dictator, you're gonna need use index cards like the rest of us Real Americans.

On the other hand, you've got an equally moronic proposal to basically stop paying for the upkeep and maintenance of The White House. Does this ingrate have any idea what happens when even a modest house falls into disrepair? If he needs a point of reference, maybe he should just drive around his home district and look at all the foreclosures littering block after block. Who cares though? Let the Obamas mow their own damn lawn since they're so darn incredible. Never mind the fact that restoring the White House to its former glory when a Republican (thankfully!) regains power would be far less cost effective. Nope, we're in a recession! Anything goes. Call that undocumented landscaper and tell him his services are no longer needed. If he shows up, call ICE! We mean bid'ness!

I've got a cost-cutting suggestion. Before the GOP lead Congress proposes cutting anything else, how about they slash their own salaries, forgo medical benefits and pensions, and do more with fewer staffers? You know, like the rest of us. That would probably shave far more off the deficit than the occasional changed lightbulb at 1600 Penn Ave.

Lord help us.

Question: If you're a Conservative, be honest for once. Doesn't this sort of irrational anti-Obama animus embarrass you just a wee bit?

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