Monday, February 7, 2011 Hot Topics - 2.7.11

Yep. I'm late. Reaaaaal late. It's Monday. Time to get that paper again. In the meantime, here's today's Hot Topics.

Super Bowl - Gotta be honest here. Mike Tomlin is a fella Kappa Man, so I can't talk too bad about him. But d*mn if his Steelers didn't look unprepared and overmatched. If you didn't know better, you'd assume they'd never been there before. I'm not saying he should be on the hot seat, but that was one lousy showing yesterday.

The Black Eyed Peas - Am I wrong for admitting that I sorta enjoyed this?

Obama vs O'Reilly - Honestly, this was the rare Fox News interview that didn't tick me off. Obama was pretty elusive, and Bill-O really asked some softball/open ended questions at him.

The Super Bowl Commercials - Mostly blah. That Pepsi Maxx ad has
all the sistas up in arms, but come on, there's some truth to every joke.

The Roseanne Snickers commercial caught a brick. The Kim K Sketchers spot was pretty lame. I liked Eminem's Nestea ad. The Chrsyler ad, not so much.

AOL Buys The Huffington Post Season Finale - Considering the fact that I sorta work (freelance) for AOL, you'd think I'd have an opinion. I don't.

BUY THIS STOCK NOW!!!- I'm not trying to pull a 50 Cent on ya'll, but if you wanna invest some money in an individual stock that's on the rise, go check out Sirius XM Radio. The symbol's SIRI. Do you own research, and invest wisely.

Question: What's on your mind today?

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