Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Palin's "I Have An Excuse" Speech.

I've seen lots of disgusting political maneuvers in my 4 years of running this blog, but this one might top em' all.

Seriously, is this really the time to point fingers and essentially tell folks to get off your d*ck? I get it, Palin feels bad that folks are piling on her. But most folks with some level of common sense aren't blaming Palin for this massacre, merely pointing out that given all the odd coincidences (the crosshairs, Giffords' complaints, her Tea Party opponent's use of guns in fundraising activities) it would make some sense for Palin to admit that she's contributed to the current political climate. Nobody's blaming her for pulling a trigger, merely noting that she should probably be a bit more gracious.

Instead, she pulls this bullsh*t, which smacks entirely of political CYA. And nary a mention of her bullsh*t "surveyor symbol" excuse. No taking responsibility for anything she's ever done, merely transferring blame to others. It's always somebody else's fault. Always.

How can you pretend to care about a woman who's in a coma when you put that very same woman behind a set of crosshairs just a few weeks ago?

I'm so sick of this b*tch. Yeah, I said it. B*tch.

If that's only adding to the explosive political rhetoric that's poisoned our country, so be it. It needs to be said.

Question: Does Palin care about anything other than hawking books? Is blaming everyone else for your own f*ckups, and never taking responsibility for anything really a quality we want for a student body President, let alone POTUS?!?

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