Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nobody Puts Baby On The Corner!!!

I get forwarded a lot (and I do mean, LOT) of wacky videos, usually courtesy of such outstanding manifestations of Dr. King's Dream like MediaTakeout, WorldStarHipHop, and Most of them are worthy of a chuckle and a quick press of the Delete button, but a few of them are so appalling that I can't help but share the wealth and post them here under the banner of Negro Nonsense.

This would be one such video. And unlike most posts of this nature, I'm simply going to shut up and let the talking pictures speak for themselves.

Okay, since I'm remaining silent about this one, I figured I'll turn this into a contest of sorts, with the winner getting an infamous prize to be determined. The rules are simple, the person who can submit the longest numbered list of things wrong with this video wins. You can cheat/build off your fellow denizens of AverageNation's lists. We're just liberal like that here on

[Extra Credit: Name the comedian who did an entire routine about this very topic. Drop the Youtube link to said routine for double extra credit.]

So, break out your list of what's wrong with this infamous moment in Negro History. I'll chime in later to tally the results and crown the winner.

Question: How many wrong things can you count in this 12 second video?!?

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