Tuesday, January 18, 2011

LightSkinned vs DarkSkinned DeathMatch: Club Edition.

So much for all that post-racial sh*t. Even the tears of sweet baby Obama can't fix the random f*ckery that still exists in some dark (no pun intended) corners of Black America. Yep, we got a Black President, a sista running a Fortune 500 company[1], Weezy is finally Free, and we still dealin' with this sh*t in 2011.
Party promoters in Ohio are under fire for the controversial theme of their next event; “Light Skin V.S. Dark Skin.”

The party first caught national attention after being posted on Twitter, sparking debate with the hash tag #LightskinVsDarkskin.

A flyer for the party shows eye candy model Keyshia Dior for #TeamLightSkin alongside a darker skinned model for #TeamDarkSkin and is advertised as the “Most Anticipated Party Of The Year.”

The event is set to take place January 21 in downtown Columbus.
Here's the whole flyer. Personally, I'm not too impressed with either of these chicks. Remove all the yaki, fake lashes, boob implants, airbrushing, and assorted enhancements and tell me what you got left? How about a Real vs Fake Party? I might even leave my house for that one.

Of course isn't isn't the first time such a party took place. I remember a similar fete a year or so ago in Detroit. I wonder if the people who plan these events do so mostly for shock value/extra pub, or if they really just think this nonsense is perfectly permissible. After watching that turrible Ice Cube/Mike Epps movie Janky Promoters the other night on Skinemax, I think it's entirely possible some Negroes think this is actually a good idea. And that's a shame. With all the other problems (unemployment, bad education, hypertension, autotune) do we really need something this divisive only making things worse? I thought a night at the club was posed' to be fun. Who'd wanna pay good money to watch something like this break out?

On a related note, anyone promoting something as the “Most Anticipated Party Of The Year” when the sh*t takes place on January 21st clearly is lacking even basic business acumen. BTW, you're currently reading the “Most Anticipated Post Of The Week". Sounds pretty effin' stupid, don't it?

Lets get beyond this, black folks. Please. And if you're in C-Bus, please, please, please don't drop good money on this idiocy.

Question: Is this merely a lazy example of shock promotion, or is there some larger social issue here that needs to be addressed?

[1] It's not Oprah. Google it.

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