Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hip Hop Nepotism Must. Be. Stopped.

Just because your father was moderately successful at something doesn't mean you need to try it yourself. Case in point: Master P's kids, Romeo and Cymphonique (?!?) who obviously grew up in Malibu, but feel some weird preoccupation with pretending to be from the 5th Ward. (Whoadie!)

Seriously, Lil' Romeo couldn't bust a grape, let alone a solid 16. Why is he channelling a Young Money weedcarrier, and what's up with his little sister's name, WTF?!? dimestore Willow Smith routine? Originality, please. Even their Pops understood that much, or at least I thought so.

Jesus, is there something wrong with using your parents money to go to college and becoming a dentist, or an actuary, or something that doesn't involve the entertainment business? I'm not hatin' on these kids, but damn, much like Ice Cube's untalented spawn, you gotta take a full inventory of your talents, recognize your limitations, and know your limits.

No Limit. Get it?!?[1]

There's all kinds of things wrong with this video, but the wrongest-est comes around the 3:00 mark.

I'll be honest, the Lil' P-Nut phenomenon was cool the first 4-5 times, but shouldn't this kid be somewhere learning multiplication tables?

Question: Am I being too hard on these kids (as usual), or should they really just pack it up and enroll at Everest College?!?


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