Thursday, January 6, 2011

Don't Let The Doorknob Hit You, Robert Gibbs.

Not long after President Obama took office, I started harping on just how turrible a job his press secretary Robert Gibbs was doing, but most of you thought I was just being a hater. Seriously, such a visible, important job, this guy just seemed so in over his head. He has no tact, is woefully misinformed, and doesn't have the presence or savvy to handle an increasingly hostile press corps. I've considered his inadequacies among the biggest of the President's "messaging" problems.

In short, he sucks. Freddie Gibbs could prolly do a better job.[1]

Now, finally, he's kickin' rocks. Thank you Jesus!!!
Press Secretary Robert Gibbs gives his first White House briefing in two weeks today, and some of the questions will probably be about him. Gibbs' departure from the podium -- and perhaps the White House itself -- may be imminent.

The long-time aide to President Obama is "now seriously considering an exit from the West Wing -- a move that would allow him to work on Obama's 2012 reelection campaign and act as a media surrogate for the president," reports Politico, citing anonymous sources.

The Washington Post, citing "Democrats with White House knowledge," reported that Gibbs may "set up his own consulting shop and play a leading role in the 2012 campaign."

It's also possibility that Gibbs could take another senior level position in the White House.

Among the contenders to replace Gibbs: Bill Burton, now deputy press secretary, and Jay Carney, communications director for Vice President Joe Biden.
I'm less than impressed with the possible contenders to replace Gibbs. Bill Burton strikes me as more of the same, and I wouldn't know Jay Carney if he walked in my office right now, but if he can't keep a muzzle on Crazy Joe Biden, he clearly isn't cut out for this job.

Seriously, would it kill Obama to think outside the Chicago/Ivy League box for once? Here's some thoughts on who should get the gig, not that it matters or anything:

Donna Brazille - Savvy, shoots from the hip, well regarded and respected party spokesperson who won't take no jive. Probably wouldn't want the job.

Jamaal Simmons - Remember him from CNN's campaign coverage? Remember how CNN dumped all their black analysts (except Roland Martin) once Obama beat Hillary? This guy was always well composed, and well informed. He's also working at Sizzler right now, so you could prolly get him for cheap. Do that.

Diddy - What better hypeman/pitchman is there on the planet? This man's turned Ciroc from a non-entity to the hottest ultra premium vodka on the planet. He could literally sell ice to an Eskimo.[2] Are you telling me he couldn't sell cap & trade? I think he could.[3]

Karen Finney - This DNC spokeswoman and ex-Clintonite is probably a safe political choice, is well connected with the White House, and has actually shown up on a few short lists I've seen so far. She's already well versed in handling Q&A in high profile settings (she's a regular on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC), and effectively conveying the administration's message. Looking like a distant cousin of Toni Braxton is probably going to win her a few sympathy points/less rigorous questioning than a male press secretary, which can't hurt. I wouldn't be shocked (or disappointed) if this actually happens.

Rachel Maddow - Bush hired Tony Snow directly from Fox News to be his press secretary, so this isn't such a stretch. Her penchant to presenting facts and debunking BS would be refreshing. Then again, why would she want this job?

Oprah Winfrey - I'm just sayin'. Imagine the possibilities.

Don Lemon - If you want to go with a seasoned professional, yet a "safe" guy with few skeletons in the closet, why not steal CNN's best news reader?

Of course, all of these choices make too much sense, so they're not likely to even show up on the radar. Obama likes people he's familiar with, whether it makes logical sense or not, so expect some insider to assume the mantle shortly.

Then again, anyone buy Gibbs would be an improvement.

Question: Was Robert Gibbs as terrible a press scty as I'm making him out to be, or was he truly part of the Obama Administration's messaging problem? Who should replace him?

[1] Google it.

[2] Take That! Take That!

[3] He'd probably also screw up and say "Take That! Take That!" or "R.I.P. Biggie Smalls" during a press briefing at least once a week.

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