Monday, January 24, 2011 Hot Topics - 1.24.11

You know the drill. Busy day. Here's the rundown.

State Of Union - Early transcripts of tomorrow's speech have Obama exclusively talking about jobs and the economy. What does he need to do to "knock it out the park" in your opinion?

Keith Olbermann Canned - Smart money says he'll end up on CNN as soon as his no-compete clause expires. Here's hoping MSNBC thinks outside the box and at least considers someone of color as his replacement.

Rick Santorum - I'm not getting too upset over his comment about Obama. Yeah, it was a racist and stupid statement, but this guy's polling at less than 1%. Who cares?

Super Bowl - Okay, so my bold prediction that Da' Bears would win it all went up in smoke. With two small market teams in the Steelers/Packers matchup, this is shaping up to be the least watched Super Bowl evar. Who ya'll got?!?

Question: What's on your mind today?

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