Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 Random Observations From Sarah Palin's Pointless Hannity Interview.

Misunderstood in the wake of last week's tragedy in Arizona, Miss Sarah took to the airwaves to defend her right to be a blathering idiot the other night. The results were somewhat less than awe inspiring.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Jesus, this chick could clearly learn to take herself a bit less seriously. Of course I have no such issue, so here's a few of my random observations from this trainwreck.
1. She clearly seems disturbed by this whole thing. Not the shooting (seriously, she obviously doesn't give a f*ck) but the fact that she was (unfairly) blamed for all of this.

2. "Palin Tucson Shooting" does indeed show up 10,000 times on The Google. Wanna know what shows up 45,000 times, also on The Google? "obama paling around with terrorists". Lovely.

3. I love how she's still being listed as "Former Alaska Governor". That's like me being listed as "Former HBCU Student". Equally irrelevant.

4. Jesus, does the victimhood ever stop? How hard would it be to just say "I was wrong for the crosshairs and I feel sorta bad given all the strange coincidences here"?

5. So, the "surveyor symbols" are now "crosshairs" yet again, but it's cool since that's been going on for decades, although none of those other graphics just so happened to coincide with an assassination attempt on an elected official? Keep your stories straight, lady.

6. Boy, could Hannity ask this woman any easier questions?

7. Nice fireplace mantle, BTW. Good to see all that book/speech money is going to good use.

8. Random note, but remember how in 2008 after the election, folks were saying Palin needed to brush up on her bonafides if she wanted to run for President come 2012? In retrospect, she's done the exact polar opposite since then.

9. B*tch please don't quote Dr. Martin Luther King to justify your BS (8:30 mark). And what the hell is she saying afterward? Does she even know?

10. Did this moron just say that silencing her would result in "The republic being destroyed"? Does she think before she speaks? Maybe she'd be better off using one of those dreaded teleprompters a bit more frequently. Too bad she dogged Obama for using one.
Did anyone notice the words "Gabrielle" and "Giffords" never came out of her mouth a single time? Nor were the words "I'm sorry", or "I was wrong".

I've convinced now moreso than ever before: not only is she not running for President, she also seems to finally understand she has no shot. No. Shot.

No pun intended, BTW.

Question: What did you gather from this video?

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