Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Five Reasons Why Michael Steele Should Remain RNC Chair.

Not that ya'll care, but current buzz around the politrical world has RNC Chair Michael Steele getting dangerously close to being shown the door in embarrassing fashion, or in a best case scenario, simply losing his re-election bid in January. Very few GOP power brokers seem to be giving him a co-sign.

Since we're both Black, and live in Maryland, I obviously think Magic Mike deserves another two years at the helm of The Party I'll Never Vote For. Here's why...

1) He's Great Blog Fodder - Do you even know who preceded Steele as RNC Chair? Me neither. Quite honestly, I didn't even know such a thing existed before Steele's outdated slang and Steve Harvey "Fancy Deacon" Collection™ suits fell on the scene. They say all exposure is good exposure, or something like that. Either way, switching gears to a less media starved savvy chairman is gonna lose the party a lot of web buzz. I doubt the can who replaces Steele will show up on your RSS reader with anything approaching his current frequency.

2) Cause He's Black - Duh. Given his many flubs and gaffes, it's unlikely that Steele's presence at the top of the party paved the way for Congressional wins by two Black Republicans last month, but it's also impossible to prove it didn't help at all. Like it or not, for a party often accused of being less than inclusive, Steele at least provided a "look, see, we got one of our own!" counterpoint. Norm Coleman, Gentry Collins, and all the other average white guys lining up to replace Steele? Not so much.

3) He Won! - Again, it's impossible to say whether Steele actually helped engineer the GOP's takeover of Congress, but since he's very blatant in taking credit for it, I'm gonna take the man at his word. This could be one of those "Phil Jackson" situations where the guy at the top wins on the basis of sheer "right place, right time"-ism. Then again, it's possible Steer actually was instrumental in the gains. One thing's certain: had the GOP failed to make progress on election day, Steele definitely would have been canned. So why fire the guy when the team actually won? That's kinda counterproductive, no?

4) It Wasn't All His Fault - While many of Steele's mistakes were of his own making, some of what's being attributed to him definitely was beyond his control. The whole "strip club" thing wasn't on him. Ditto for the party's excessive spending for conventions and retreats. Nor were the primary wins and general election losses of loons like Christine O'Donnell. Don't blame the brother for everything.

5) He's Great Blog Fodder - Seriously, isn't that what it's all about anyway? Where else am I gonna get stuff like this?

Question: Does Steele deserve another 2 years as RNC Chairman?

Steele on thin ice at helm of Republican Party [AP]

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