Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ashy Or Classy?!? - Pajama Jeans.

[Editor's Apologetic, But Not Really Apologetic Note: Sorry folks, it's a lightweight week. I'm outta this piece Thursday. Enjoy the break from seriousness and whatnot.]

I'm not quite sure how this genius of Pajama Jeans somehow managed to escape me for this long, but I peeped this commercial the other morning. Jesus, is this what it's come to? We as a nation are so fat and lazy that we can't even manage to bend over and pull on a proper pair of jeans? F'real?

"Fits Every Figure Perfectly!"

I'mma call fraud on this commercial. They know good & damn well these cheesy pants ain't gon' make the average woman's butt look that nice. Shame! Shame! Shame! $40 for some skintight sweat pants. Shame!

Showing women who probably look good in regular jeans as representative of how good these Garanimals would make the average woman look is just plain ole' deceptive marketing. Sorta like how those Shakeweight and Bowflex commercials show people who've had 6-pack abs since the cradle in an attempt to make the average working stiff believe he too can get buff in just 20 minutes a day.

The average Lifetime Movies For Women watcher wearing these Pajama Jeans isn't gonna look nothing like that. Au contraire, they'll probably just look pathetic and out of shape. Sorta like this woman.

Get that lady some d*ck True Religion jeans and a gym membership, please.

I've got a new slogan...

Pajama Jeans: For The Chick Who's Officially "Let Herself Go"

Sorry ladies, but these are undeniably Ashy.

Question: Ladies, would you rock a pair of Pajama Jeans? Fellas, would you rock a pair if they made em' for men?

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