Thursday, December 16, 2010

AB.Com Guest Post - Michael Steele Stays In the Picture.

[Editor's Note: Everyone's favorite (only?) black Republican leader announced earlier this week that he's seeking re-election, party haters be damned. My cyber homegirl and budding media maven, The Black Snob, goes in on Steele's strange political calculus. As usual, show our guest some love, you-know-where.]

Rather than slinking off stage and going quietly into the night, embattled Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has decided to run for reelection to his post as the GOP's No. 1 excuse for all things that are wrong. Steele, who managed to run the RNC into as much as a possible $25 million in debt, while still pulling out wins in Congress (although many argue this happened in spite of Steele), has announced he's not going anywhere. This despite Republican heavyweights like Mississippi Gov. Hayley Barbour and Sen. Jim DeMint saying "Thanks, but no thanks" to a return of the Man of Steele.

But since when did Uncle Mike care what anyone else thought? Screw the haters! Sweet delusion, don't fail him now!
He announced Monday night that he will seek a second two-year term heading an energized Republican Party. But the competition for the top job will be fierce leading up to the vote in January, and his rivals include several RNC veterans.

Steele made the announcement in a private conference call to party officials, laying out a case for his retention, which was first reported by Politico. "We elected 63 new members to take control of the House and 13 new senators, setting the stage for Senate control in 2012 and more than 690 new state legislators -- more than ever before. . . . Our goal is clear: 270 electoral votes in 2012."
With all the writing that was on the wall for Steele to go, he just painted right over it and kept it moving. Complaints, what complaints? He's awesome. And everything he does is awesome. And all he does is win. He just goes through life from success to success on a cloud of cotton candy and sassiness. And if you don't like that, you just don't get his "street" style.

On Fox News Monday night, he said was taking heat because of his style. "I am much more of a street guy," said Steele, who, in answer to a question, declared that "the job is fun. I think we have a chance to move forward."
Steele also seems to think that if you don't like him, or his tendency to have no filter between his brain and mouth, you're just hating. Haters do that, you know? They just hate you for being wonderful, incompetent you. But I don't want Mike to change. I love him for just the guy he is. That guy who refuses to leave the club even after the house lights have come up and the janitor is mopping up the vomit. Nope. He's still jamming to the Lil Wayne playing in his head. You can't stop his sunshine!

But the very best part of him staying is I get to play this clip one. More. Time.

You're gonna LOVE him, dammit!

Question: Is Michael Steele delusional, or does he really have a shot at re-election? Does race play a subtle factor in how those in the GOP have taken shots at Steele, or did he bring all this on himself?

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