Monday, November 8, 2010

Teach Me How Ta' Barry!!

You prolly missed this over the weekend, but in India, the Obamas met with some disadvantaged kids. A lost scene from You Got Served ensued. I can already smell the inevitable YouTube mashups.

How is it even humanly possible to hate on Michelle-O? I mean, seriously. She gets put on the spot and instead of looking on nicely and clapping offbeat (I'm lookin' at you Laura Bush), she goes along with the routine, doesn't break a sweat, and looks great the entire time. Of course, what would a Michelle-O post be without a few racist comments from trolls on a popular news site?

Post-racial my black a$$.

Michelle, despite the haters, looked great. Barack, and that lame "pointed index fingers" sh*t on the other hand? Well, uhhh, no comment.

Question: Does Barack have two left feet or two right feet?

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