Monday, November 22, 2010

The NBA: It's Fan-Tastic.

You guys aren't working on anything other than stuffing recipes today, so lets blow some time watching pointless dunks, shall we?

Blake Griffin - As much as it pains me to say this, the Rookie Of The Year contest is really just about stats and highlight reels. While Wizards rookie John Wall is inexplicably on the pine with a mystery ailment, Clippers rookie Blake Griffin has been putting up monster stats for a 1-win squad. This slam clinic vs the Knicks (in another loss) this weekend is definitely gonna win him some votes, especially the poster-worthy number around the 30 second mark here. Jesus! Hurry up and get well, Wall.

JaVale McGee - Yeah, I'm partial to Wizards. No, this isn't McGee's best dunk, not by a mile, but it was pretty impressive in real time, especially the 2nd angle.

Rudy Gay - Make jokes about this guy's last name contract all you want, but reality is his numbers are through the roof, and he's hit more homecourt buzzer beaters this decade than anyone not named Bryant. Here, he continues Miami's nightmare of a season by drilling a fadeaway over King James.

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