Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's AverageNation™ Obama Approval Rating Time Again.

Yep, it's about that time yet again. The polls (quietly) opened today and will run for about a week. As usual, vote early and often, don't allow yourself to be systematically disenfranchised when the Poll Widget inevitably starts kirking out yet again Da' Man tries to administer that poll test. I don't know how many bubbles are in a bar of soap, and neither do you.

Don't think about voting, Vote! Do it now! Do it for your ancestors! Do it for the chill'rens! Do it for my Technorati Rating!

Obama registered an all-time low 62% Approval Rating when I last ran this feature the back in July. With the mid-term elections settled and the landscape for the next two years clearer, weigh in on how you feel the President's doing.

Question: How did you vote? Why? Do you think the overall approval rating is going to drop, rise, or stay the same this time around?

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