Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Fellow Republican Finally Calls Out Sarah Palin.

I don't care too much for MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, or his show Morning Joe, which is so lazy and disorganized it basically amounts to a bunch of random white people sitting around a table drinking coffee and poppin' random sh*t. Scarborough, an ex-congressman who resigned after a staffer was found dead in his office, is the consummate cable news tough guy who seldom presents an original train of thought when discussing political issues. However, I'm going to give this guy major props for finally being the first person to call out the Miss Sarah for the sham of a Presidential run she's gearing up for, as well as the GOP establishment's hesitance to call a spade a spade.
Former Republican Congressman and current MSNBC host Joe Scarborough is out with a vicious new post encouraging Republicans to "man up" and take Sarah Palin down a peg. As if trying to get the ball rolling, he precedes this suggestion with a few choice volleys of his own.

"Republicans have a problem," Scarborough writes at Politico. "The most-talked-about figure in the GOP is a reality show star who cannot be elected."

Scarborough's main beef with Palin seems to be that, in his view, she just is not serious enough to be considered a viable GOP candidate for president in 2012, and despite the supposed general acceptance of this as fact, Republicans sit idly, afraid to speak out, while Palin basks in the pre-campaign limelight.

To make matters worse, Scarborough prods, Palin does all of this while demeaning the legacies of GOP standard-bearers that many hold dear, people such as former presidents Reagan, whom she casually downplayed as "an actor," as well as George H.W. and Barbara Bush, whom she deemed "blue bloods."
The must-read Politco op-ed is a bit rambling and curiously paints the angle of Palin marginalizing Ronald Reagan to advance her political aspirations. I can't say I've really heard that from her, and I think Scarborough's attempt to make George HW Bush and Reagan saints to contrast them with Palin's total and complete lack of a resume is a little flimsy. Still, his zings against Palin and the Republican party that's too chickensh*t to criticize her make this piece clickworthy. As the first member of the Conservative media to actually stand up to her without apology or reservation, I'm pretty sure this story will be dominating the rounds in the rest of this week. So we might as well discuss it here.

I've said here repeatedly in the past that Palin would get hammered by fellow GOP'ers during primary season, but given her bulletproof nature and built-in army of Conservative bodyguards/apologists on Fox News and conservative talk radio, I'm not so sure that's the case anymore. I actually think fellow GOP candidates would be afraid to attack/call her out for fear of retribution by the very media outlets they need to further their own political careers. Palin's ability to make herself a serial victim while lobbing grenades at others has been one of the oddest political developments I've personally ever witnessed.

Perhaps Scarborough's op-ed marks a change in the way others on the right treat Palin.

We shall see.

Question: Why does Sarah Palin get treated with kid gloves by Conservative media outlets? How long will it take for her ghostwriter to fire off a Facebook retort to Scarborough's op-ed? How long before Scarborough issues the obligatory "Sorry Miss Sarah" followup?

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