Monday, November 22, 2010

The Day Black Folks Officially Reached Rock Bottom.

Just press the Play button, don't ask questions. You can spare yourself the earache trouble and cut this off around the 1 minute mark before the guy starts "rapping", since there's really nothing of relevance after that point. BTW, some of the imagery in this video might be slightly unsafe for work, so consider yourself forewarned. The last thing I wanna do is contribute to the black unemployment rate in this economy.

In case you're wondering, no, this isn't one of those parody jawns like "Let Me Smang It", this is an actual song.

And Jesus Wept.

I don't know either of these two characters, so I'm gonna just pick on the black girl, as usual.[1] Seriously, sis, how long did these brothers hold you at gunpoint before you broke down and sang that atrocious hook? I'm sure your grandmother is just thrilled to hear such a ditty.

Seriously though, given the rates of HIV/AIDs, random STD's, and unwanted kids (yeah, I said it) in the black community, how ignorant and callous is it to make a song like this, even for gimmick/shock value? "Ray Jr" and "Erika Kayne" need they black a$$es whipped for even dreaming up this irresponsible concept. The really scary thing is that by slightly redoing the hook to make it more radio-friendly, I could easily see this song ending up on some station's rotation. Easily.

Wanna see something even scarier? These ingrates were allowed to perform (thankfully not this song!) at some Cleveland-area high school, apparently during school hours. No, really. Go look.

Where Is Michelle Obama?!?

Better yet, Where Are The Condoms?!?

On a brighter note, I can't imagine black pop culture dipping any lower than this. It's all uphill from here.

Question: Should this song just be disregarded as a gimmicky joke, or is this sort of sentiment in this day and age just downright dangerous?

[1] Right, Lauren?

* Hat Tip To OhHellNawl

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