Thursday, November 11, 2010

Alvin Greene Is Running For President. No, Really, He Is. Maybe.

Just when you thought you'd heard the last of Everyone's Favorite Intellectually Challenged Senatorial Candidate Not Named "Angle", our boy Alvin Greene is back at it again. Instead of taking on Tea Party favorite Jim DeMint, Greene's upping the stakes this time and gunning for that number one spot.
Alvin Greene might run for president.

Greene, the unlikely Democratic Senate nominee in South Carolina who lost overwhelmingly to Republican Sen. Jim DeMint last week, called the state Democratic Party on Tuesday to ask how much it would cost to run for president.

“Maybe. I’ll have to see,” Greene told POLITICO when asked whether he was considering filing to run for president. He confirmed that he called the state party Tuesday to ask about the fee. The state party’s spokeswoman, Keiana Page, confirmed that someone called the party Tuesday asking about the presidential filing fee but said that the caller did not identify himself.

In 2008, South Carolina’s presidential filing fee for candidates was $2,500. Page said the state has yet to set its fee for the upcoming 2012 contest.
Comical as this might sound, Greene did somehow manage to collect nearly 30% of last week's vote. I don't know whether that's worthy of laughter or tears.

In a strange way, I feel sorta bad for Greene because wasn't able to fully cash in on his accidental fame to the same degree that folks like Joe The Plumber, Antoine Dodson, and of yeah, Sarah Palin have. His "action figure" idea never panned out, and he's not patrotic (Joe), attractive (Palin), or flamboyant (Dodson) enough to play the media circuit for his own personal gain.

In the end, all that's left is a sad, jobless black man with an undiagnosed intellectual disability. There's nothing reality show worthy about that. So yeah, prolonging your 14 minutes by running for President is probably the next logical step, pathetic as it might sound.

See you in 2012, Alvin.

Question: What should Alvin Greene do next?

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