Wednesday, November 3, 2010's Completely Random Recap Of The 2010 Mid-Term Election.

Sure, this post is late. I already know. But I had much better things to do last night than watch a bunch of mid-term election returns on cable news. Much better things, in fact.

Yeah, 29 points, 13 dimes, and a franchise record 9 steals in his first home game.[1] Wall is now averaging a cool 24 points, 11 assists a game, and is hitting outside shots too. Definitely Rookie of The Year.

Anyways, once I finally got home and all the fam was fast asleep, I finally watched the returns, and did some drowsy Tweeting at 2am. If you ain't following me on Twitter, correct that problem rhettt nooowww. Some of ya'll were (surprisingly, or sadly, I can't say which) still up with me, so this recap's gonna be old news. If not, here's's Completely Random Recap Of The 2010 Mid-Term Election:
The Teabaggers practically HANDED the Dems control of the Senate by choosing all those nutjobs in the primaries. Angle, ODonnell, and likely Miller all lost. Those were 3 seats that could have changed the balance of power. Nice job, baggers. Obama still has the WH and the Senate, and even though you won the House, let's see how much of your racial agenda you can push with that setup. Likely none.

John Boehner was literally crying when it became clear that he would be speaker of the House. He'll also be crying when he's got to reel in a bunch of wackos who want to burn time abolishing the Department of Education for the next two years. I see a civil war within the Republican party playing out soon, as Baggers attempt to push their agenda and the GOP establishment tries to help Corporate America on the sly.

Sorry, this was best-case scenario for the Democrats. How can you spin it any other way? The fact that they promoted the very candidates who cost the GOP the Senate was KILLING those Fox News bamas. It was like a funeral over there.

Meg Whitman spent $200M of her own money and still lost. Badly. Lesson: spend $300M next time. WWF/E CEO Linda McMahon aslo lost badly. I guess you actually can't buy votes, unless of course, your name is Bloomberg.

Allen West and Tim Scott are both GOP Negroes who made it in, somewhat impressively riding the TeaParty wave to easy victories in the South. I guess I should say congrats. Or maybe not. I sorta like Scott, he seems generally reasonable, and I wouldn't be shocked one bit if he joins the Congressional Black Causus. West, on the other hand, is the real life Uncle Ruckus. Good luck with that one, South Florida.

Harry Reid is the most uninspiring politician I've ever had to watch speak. This guy is a human sedative. He only, I repeat, only won because his opponent was such a moron. Maybe this was a wakeup call.

The numbers in Nevada race showed any interesting subtext. Hispanics support put Reid over the top. So maybe the GOP will finally learn to stop running those ignorant and racist "Us vs Them" illegal immigration ads.

Then again Jan Brewer easily won in Arizona, so I may have mooted my own point.

Nancy Pelosi did her job (pushing agenda thru Congressional majority) and lost it. Harry Reid didn't do his job (stalling much of the same agenda in the Senate although he had a majority) and kept it. What a country!

Kamala Harris is prolly gonna lose her race for AG once all the votes in Cali are counter. Bummer.

Deval Patrick easily won re-election in Massachusetts. Good.

28% of South Carolinians actually voted for Alvin Greene. Yeah, that Alvin Greene. Really, Palmetto State? Really?
In short, this coulda gone much worse for Obama, and while the Tea Party deserves credit for the monumental takeover of the House, but trotting out wackos to run in statewide offices is never a good idea. That's my take at least. What's yours?

Question: What's your take on last night's election returns?

[1] We'll conveniently overlook the 8 turnovers for now. They won. And Evan Turner. Poor Evan Turner....

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