Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Obama Approval Rating™ - November 2010.

Eff' a Frank Luntz. held the most accurate poll of support for President Obama since shortly after his election. The Obama Approval Rating™ is generally as good a gauge of how well the President is performing as you'll find, but sometimes the results surprise even me. This would be such a time.

After bottoming out at 62% in July, and subsequently losing control of the House, I naturally assumed the Good Ship Barry be sinkin'. Not only was I waaay off, but Obama rebounded to post his second best score ever, nearly reaching the high water mark of 81%, achieved just after he took office.

While I approved of Obama's performance, I really have no explanation for the jump, given the number of "L"s he's taken lately. Anyone care to explain?

Question: What's up with this latest poll?

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