Monday, November 29, 2010 Hot Topics - 11.29.10

Welcome back. I'm sure ya'll are still either hungover from the holidays, or flat broke from Black Friday. Either way, I just hope you weren't somewhere in this video. Cause this is just sad.

Wanna know why I don't go out on Black Friday? Two words: City College.

Anyways, the blog will be back to biz as usual tomorrow, but till then, here's a brief rundown.

Lame Duck Session - Congress is finally back in biz. Will they get anything done before the end of the year?

That Texans-Titans - Call me nuts, but two guys taking off helmets and barely connecting with wayward punches in a game between two also-rans is not gangster.

Obama Eye-Jammy - I found it funny how some "Conservatives" jumped on the Obama basketball bruise and implied that this was in some way the equal of Bush's fainting on the pretzel. Please. Folks catch errant elbows in pickup ball all the time. Passing out while eating a pretzel? Not gangster.

Donovan McNabb Should Be Benched - Thanks to the generosity of Vanilla Latte, I got to go to yesterday's Skins/Vikings game. It's hard watching Donovan McNabb go out like this, it's time for dude to hang em' up.

Question: What's on your mind today?

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