Wednesday, November 17, 2010 Hot Topics - 11.17.10

Yeah, I know we're in the midst of a "theme week". Still gotta get some stuff off my chest.

Don't Touch My Junk, Dude - I'm sure you've all heard about this Jim Tyner guy who refused to let TSA frisk him, and is now spearheading a Tea Party effort to abolish the Transportation Security Administration. If not, get familiar.

Seriously, folks, is this what it's come to? One insecure dude gets nervous because he has to get frisked, and now we're gonna remedy the solution by eliminating and entire Federal agency? Really? Look, I travel for a living, and I don't particularly care for the rigors of going through airport security either. But the TSA is basically our last (only?) line of defense. Getting rid of them and turning security back over to the airlines themselves seems pretty darn silly.

Palin Officially Declares For 2012- Even I'll admit I didn't see this one coming. I figured Miss Sarah knew she could only hurt her earning power with a Presidential run, but obviously the admiration of the Tea Party has gone to her head. Now, she's basically throwing her hat in the ring for 2012, which if nothing else ensures I'll have plenty of blog fodder. Still, I fail to see how getting exposed on a national stage by fellow GOP candidates during primary season is going to help her. I would think that this could cheapen her appeal to those who support her (when she's revealed as clueless during debates), which would hurt future book sales, speaking fees, etc. This just makes no sense.

Tax Cut Compromise - Sorry, but if Obama caves in to pressure and extends the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, this guy officially loses me. This issue should have been decided well before the election and used as an "Us Vs Them" wedge issue if the Dems were smart. But I've got a bad feeling that Obama is going to give the GOP what it wants, extending these cuts indefinitely, all in the name of nonexistent bipartisanism. And if so, I'm wondering exactly what does this guy stand for?

Mike Vick's Redemption - Admit it, even if you're a Redskins fan (which I'm not) or a Peta supporter (ditto), you had to be happy to see Vick do his thing to the tune of an astounding 59 points in Monday night's win over the Skins. It's the consummate American story of a rise, fall, and redemption. He did something really bad, and he paid his debt to society. Maybe prison actually worked for him, silly as that sounds. As is, the guy is poised to take a team nobody expected to do jack squat to a division title, and maybe even has an outside shot at MVP. No matter who you are, you have to appreciate that.

Question: Should the TSA be abolished? What do you think of their new patdown procedures? Why is Palin taking this potential money-losing risk? Does Obama lose your support/respect if he caves in on this Bush tax cut issue? We you cheering for Vick?

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