Monday, November 1, 2010 Hot Topics - 11.1.10

Jon Stewart Rally - No, I didn't go, for lots of reasons. I did however watch this on TV and was sorta confused about the whole point of the thing until Stewart came out and did his quick monologue at the end. Then it made plenty of sense. Unfortunately (or predictably, depending on how you see it) most of the MSM spin has been about whether or not the rally is going to inspire young folks to vote Tuesday. The whole part about manufactured fear and incivility on cable news and on The Hill artificially dividing the country was completely overlooked. Typical. Marbles did go to the rally, and will have a first person writeup sometime later today. Stay tuned.

Mid-Terms - Well, D-Day is upon us. I hope everyone's planning on voting tomorrow. We'll have an open thread running here all day tomorrow for you to share your polling place experiences, predictions, and random assorted thoughts. Tune in for my prediction then.

Donovan McNabb Benched - Could we just fine Mike Shanahan and his non-talented offensive coordinator of a child right now? Yeah, McNabb stank the joint up royally yesterday, but do you bench the man when you're trailing by a touchdown with 2 minutes to go? For Rex Grossman? Who promptly comes in and gives up a fumble for a touchdown? Going into a bye week, the Skins are now 4-4 and we'll have to hear about some BS QB controversy for the next two weeks. Lovely.

Randy Moss Waived By Vikings After Poppin' Sh*t About Coach's Decisions - Daniel Synder, fire up the G4. Seriously, is there a better example of what happens when Hall of Fame talent is paired with Waiver Wire intelligence?

John Wall Goes Off - To everyone who was writing young Mr. Wall off after that admittedly awful season opener vs Orlando, eat your words. Wall exploded for 28 points and 9 dimes the other night in a close loss to Orlando. Once the team gets healthy, he's easily going to be posting close to 10 assists/night, along with the inevitable 20 points. If that's not Rookie Of The Year worthy, I don't know what is. Blake Griffin Who? Call me when that guy can defend his shadow.

Question: What's on your mind today?

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