Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The AB.com Election Day Open Thread.

Yep, it's that time again. In a few hours we'll know if America's tired of all that Hopey/Changey crap, or if the TeaBagger Revolution was little more than a media construct. Either way, make sure you exercise your right to vote today. And don't be intimidated by black dudes in leather coats, no matter what Fox News says.

My prediction is that the Democrats will lose the House, but hardly by the landslide that polls indicate, and will retain majority in the Senate. I think the Tea Party loses some high profile races and the dominant narrative by night's end will be just how little effect they had on the overall election after months of dominating news cycles. But that's just me, I'm not a pollster, just a guy with a Blogger account.

What do you think?

Question: What's going to happen tonight when the final results roll in? Will the GOP run the table or what this predicted onslaught just a bunch of hype? What happens to the Tea Party?

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