Wednesday, October 6, 2010

When Keepin' It TeaBagger Goes Wrong. Really Wrong.

In Taxed Enough Already America, anything the gubb'ment asks is grounds for scrutiny and cross-referencing your pocket sized copy of the Constitution for validity. Would the Founding Fathers have given up their hardly earned money in the form of taxes to pay for peanut butter and Kix for some ghetto bastard? Prolly not. Because the Founding Fathers spoke in absolutes that stand the test of time, and were always right. Glenn Beck said so.

That said, sometimes you just gotta pay your taxes, and when you don't, the results can be disastrous.

I should note, the guy whose house burned down doesn't ideologically agree with the Tea Party, which sorta undermines my premise, and makes Keith Olbermann's point equally vague.[1]

As I've said many times, I don't have a beef with taxes, mainly because I have enough common sense to know that sh*t has to get paid for somehow. If I had my vote, I'd repeal those ill-fated Bush tax cuts for all Americans. If we're serious about chipping away at that deficit (and we should be. Glenn Beck said so.) then what better way than to shave $4 Trillion off by slightly raising taxes on errybody?

Let the chuuch say Amen.


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I guess this sorta goes to show why you need to take the smallest precautions (in this case a $75 tax) to avoid the largest catastrophes. Who plans on accidents happening? One lapse in auto insurance, one bad accident, and you could end up getting sued for everything you've got. One lapse in health insurance, one bad accident, and you could find yourself financially hosed with medical bill forever. I could go on and on, but why bother. This sh*t's just sad. Sad I tell ya'.

I feel really bad for this family, and get the sense that they're nice folks who simply didn't pay their fee because they always assumed nothing would ever happen ir just forgot to pay it. Yeah, it's a tough break, but this is what life might look like under Tea Bagger rule.

Keith Olbermann said so.

Question: Do you feel bad for this guy or is this just what happens when you don't pay your taxes? Should the firefighters have helped him anyway?

Firefighters watch as home burns to the ground [WSPD6]

[1] Man, I could only imagine the "I told you so!" that this guy's wife is killing him with right about now.

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