Monday, October 4, 2010

Uhhh, About Those Wizards Season Tickets...

...that's the rare costly decision that actually looks better by the day.

Hoops-heads, feast your eyes and fantasize.

Yeah, I know this was just an intra-squad scrimmage, but let's examine the difficulty of this play, shall we.
1) Losing your man by going around a lazily set pick at the top of the key.

2) Splitting two defenders off that lazily set pick.

3) Splitting two more (very tall) defenders at the basket.

4) Deciding in mid-air to attempt a 360.

5) Going up to the concession stand and serving two hot dogs, a Coke, and popcorn.

6) Throwing up an off-balance right hander.

7) Finishing off the glass at the buzzer.
Call me a Stan, but that's a play only 10-12 living individuals could pull off. The kid's clearly something special. So could we just skip the formalities and start engraving John Wall's RoY trophy right now?

NBA Preseason begins Tuesday night with Wizards @ Mavs. Set your DVRs.

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