Friday, October 1, 2010

Songs That Make Men Grown Cry.

Few things have made me, as a grown assed man cry. The birth of my kids, the death of my Pops, watching my then-fiancee walk down the aisle, and uhhhh, that's about it to be perfectly honest. No, I'm not some emotionally-devoid robot, I just don't get all choked up on the daily.

Some men (read: guys who prefer to piss sitting down) however, cry at the mere sound of cheesy pop songs. Or so says a new study from the UK, which listed the Top 10 songs likely to have a brotha reaching for the Kleenex.
Songs by R.E.M, U2 and Bruce Springsteen have been named on a list of a songs that are most likely to make men cry. R.E.M's song 'Everybody Hurts', originally released in 1993, topped the poll ahead of Eric Clapton’s ‘Tears In Heaven’.

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‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen was third. Other artists in the top-10 included Robbie Williams, The Verve, Sinead O'Connor and Sir Elton John.

The study, conducted by PRS for Music, polled more than 1,700 people on tearful songs.
The rest of the songs are listed here if you wanna take a gander, but the problem's obvious: I ain't heard of 90% of this sh*t. I'm not saying the study's skewed because it was taken in Great Britain but I've been to London, and let's just say these results don't surprise me much.[1]

Having already stated my ability to listen to music without dissolving into tears, I can say there are a handful of songs that at least stir some sullen emotion. Here's just a few...

The Spinners - "Sweet Sadie"

Sadder songs have seldom been recorded than this Spinners ode to a lost grandmother. The song's been redone by plenty of artists (most notably: Robert Kelly) in the years since, but nothing beats the original when it comes to pure tearjerkiness.

Tweet - "Beautiful"

I know, I know, this throwaway B-side cut from Tweet's debut album isn't sad. It is, however, just as "Beautiful" as its name suggests. Whatever happened to Tweet anyway?

Boyz II Men - "End Of The Road"

I never quite figured out if this song was about everlasting love or borderline stalkerdom. Ya'll tell me. It is, however, quite sad. Combine this with "Mama" and MotownPhilly's greatest could sure make some depressing tunes.

Question: Ladies and Gents, got any songs that make you reach for the Kleenex?

From Bruce Springsteen To U2: Top-10 Songs To Make Men Cry [GigWise]

[1] This is largely unrelated to the prior points, but could one of my white readers tell me why the hell ya'll love Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" so d*mn much? Please solve this mystery for me. Is this the white folks' equivalent of Frankie Beverly & Maze's "Before I Let You Go"?!? Just curious.

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