Friday, October 1, 2010

Racism, Lebron? Really?!?

I made no bones about how I felt after watching Lebron James obnoxious free agency charade, which culminated in that televised Lebron-A-Thon this summer. James, by virtue of turning a basic job hunt into a yearlong media event probably didn't make many new friends in NBA arenas around the league. I also sided with owner Dan Gilbert's right to bash Lebron, although I thought it was in equally poor taste. Finally, when Rebb'n Jesse stepped in and asserted that Lebron was being treated unfairly "cause he black", I knew our charade of a post-racial society had been exposed once again as just that.

Anyways, in the weeks since, Bron's played it lowkey, and gotten acclimated with his new team down in South Beach.[1] But he stopped by CNN to speak with Soledad O'Brien the other night, and committed the ultimate PR faux pas.
LeBron James said he thinks race played a factor in the backlash to his nationally televised announcement that he was signing with the Miami Heat.

He first made the comments in a CNN interview that aired Wednesday, then reiterated his feelings after the Heat's practice Thursday. James has been criticized for announcing that he would leave the Cavaliers for Miami in July in an hourlong ESPN special called "The Decision," with some accusing him of letting his ego get away from him.

Asked if race was a factor in the fallout, James told CNN's Soledad O'Brien in the interview, which was conducted Monday, "I think so, at times. There's always — you know, a race factor."

James' closest advisor also said race played a role in the negative reaction. "It definitely played a role in some of the stuff coming out of the media and things that were written, for sure," Maverick Carter told O'Brien in an interview Friday. James declined to expand on his comments Thursday.
Come on, Bron, really? So your feelings are hurt because not everyone was so enamored with your self-centered pursuit of a ready-made championship contender? And that makes it racist? Really?[2]

Uh, how come you had nothing to say when that magazine infamously made you look like King Kong? That sh*t was racist!

This sh*t? Nah, that's just you being a douchebag as usual.

See you at Verizon Center December 18th, punk. I'll bring the Kleenex.

Question: Is Lebron on some ole' bullsh*t, or was there really a racial element in the backlash over his free agent defection?

LeBron James says race may be a factor in backlash [LATimes]

[1] Yeah, they'll be booed everywhere they go this year, but I have to give Pat Riley props. They filled out that roster with a nice set of complimentary role players, and if the Big Three mesh well, I could actually see this team making it to the Finals (and losing). If you're a Heat fan, enjoy this while you can, because there's definitely a hard salary cap coming to The Association next summer, and you're gonna have to drop one of your stars to get back under the cap.

[2] ...and Lauren will stop by to defend Lebron's right to be an a$$hole in 5...4...3...2...

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